▴ Activate the divine feminine — whom does not hold back, edit, or rehearse their expression

▴ Access deep pleasure — your inherent birthright 

▴ Attune to what wants to move through you — for YOU and only you

▴ Slow down, savor life, and feel more alive

▴ Build confidence and love for your sacred vessel through movement 

" I had an amazing experience attending @beamingrae_'s sensuality embodiment workshop. I found the eye gazing portion especially potent. I’ve been having a lot of self doubt and this practice allowed me the space and tools to recognize myself as a friend again. It was a much needed intimate moment with myself providing the self clarity I was searching for. I am grateful for Rae’s teachings and to incorporate more of this practice in my own weekly rituals."


" In the Sensual Embodiment Workshop, Rae's container was so pure, beautiful, authentic.. it was truly a gift to be able to dive into my own empowerment in the company and witness of other powerful, embodied women ~• I really enjoyed the invitation to dance with ourselves & found that to be a literal potent mirror. I so look forward to attending her future spaces like this one. "


" The sensual embodiment workshop that Rae created was a beautiful opportunity to slow down and connect to self. I love dancing, but often prioritise other parts of my life. It was so wonderful to have an intentional time for myself, my sensuality and my movement. 

Rae holds the space beautifully and cares for the container as a whole, encouraging authentic self expression. She created a space where exploration of embodiment felt comfortable and safe. 

The workshop itself had a smooth progression. We spent time connecting to each of our senses then went to exploring different forms of movement for ourselves. We finished with a sensual, playful, and enjoyable choreography. I loved that the embodiment workshop gave each individual the chance to connect to themselves on a deeper level."