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What people are saying...

"Embodied, what a beautiful movement experience. I’m still a little in shock by how freely I can connect to my art now without self judgement. I can’t believe how much I have grown. Rae is the absolute best teacher. She is so incredibly supportive of every student’s journey and gives such thoughtful guidance. I encourage anyone who is looking to make serious progress with their self expression to seek out any opportunity to learn from this beautiful soul."

“Embodied is an experience I will hold near and dear to my heart for the rest of my life. I am in sheer disbelief at how transformative this process was. In just a matter of weeks, I could feel potent shifts taking place thanks to Rae’s gentle but powerful guidance. Rae truly possesses a unique gift to create an open and loving atmosphere in a way I have never seen before. What an inspiring human! I feel utterly blessed for her mentorship throughout this journey. Not only have I blossomed in so many unexpected ways as an individual, but I got to witness the divine power of beholding these insights alongside other beautiful souls. This is food for the soul. If you are feeling a tug at your heart to dive deeper, take the leap. You owe it to yourself."

“In Rae Chrysalis’s 7-week embodiment dance course, she coached me how to move through substantial life events that have caused intense emotional repressing. It was a spiritual and sensational awakening. She facilities a safe space for personal sharing of self expression through movement. I enjoyed how she walked me through steps of “letting go” of judgments of myself while moving through space. She uses many options to select from in her training from dance technique, choreography, improv, use of specific movement quality, journaling to engage in self exploration and more. Through her ritual movement practices, I was able to move through emotions physically within my body and spirit. She helped me to move through energy and emotions that were attached to loss and grief.”

"Rae’s Embodied class series came at a time where I was experiencing a lot of shifts in my personal life. It was incredible to have her support and the support of the group. Rae holds a container for freedom of expression, and cultivates a sense of safety and acceptance to do so. The movement practices, rituals, and everything else Rae taught have made such an impact on me, and I still use many of these tools in my daily practices. What I learned in this space will stay with me for life. I am so so so grateful I took the leap and joined her class. Thank you Rae, this was seriously one of the most impactful classes I have ever done, and the greatest gift I have given myself."

"Embodied reignited the ways I feel raw - like transforming my walls into bulletproof glass. My cohort mates were synergistic mirrors, and with Rae’s clearly guided facilitation I felt able to access deeper parts of my spirit: the raw divinity of my movement, my Self sensuality and seduction, my inner warrior, and my primal heart. We also turned passion into production in such a short amount of time - a beautiful culmination witnessing and celebrating each others’ transformations. I am so glad I jumped on this journey, and highly recommend Embodied and any of Rae’s offerings! She is an impeccable teacher, mover, guide, and a deeply rooted, spirited kin. Thank you so much @raechrysalis!"

"Learning under the guidance of Rae has gifted me with so much new energy and perspectives. Each week subtle shifts were taking place and by the end of it, I found myself stepping into more confidence and creativity than ever before. She holds such beautiful space, and shows up so authentically. It really sets the tone for the container and gives an immediate feel of safety and love. Her wisdom is palpable, she teaches with intention and ease, it makes it feel like you’re just talking to an old friend. The practices she teaches are practical, making it easy to do them on your own for the week. Integrating these practices and rituals have given me so many new ways to connect to myself, my body, my emotions, and tap into sensuality and the divine- in a way that is true to who I am as a human. I highly recommend this course if you are seeking a deeper connection to the spectrum of who you are to and how to harness that into creativity and expression. Rae is magical. You will not regret it."

"Something that drew me to Rae’s embodied class was the accessibility of the program as well as the pure intentionality behind each week. Rae is an epic space holder and I appreciate the groundedness she brought to each and every session. Sometimes, hosts of workshops can actually be quite chaotic and stressed. This was not Rae. Rae brought centeredness, openness and resonance to each session and created a space that extended out beyond each session for true growth, reflection and powerful, empowered embodiment. I feel more understanding of myself, my needs and how I can truly step in to my power and most importantly, remember the power that I hold. Each week is tailored in a way that allows for a gentle, yet powerful, release and remembrance that is truly next level. One of my favorite workshops I have ever taken, and will most likely continue to be throughout my life. Thank you Rae!!!! I am of utmost gratitude and love for you."

"This course was a transformative and expansive journey, it opened up a door of possibilities within me through movement. Integrating embodied movement, intuitive dance and divine feminine allowed me to explore the depths and layers of self-expression, to push past self judgement and how to drop in to my own energy. Learning from Rae, a warm, wise and caring teacher, she provided a safe container for vulnerability and exploring dance in different realms and archetypes each week. Truly grateful for taking the step into this nurturing and empowering space shared with others."

“So grateful for Rae and her unique gifts she is offering to the world. Being part of her Embodiment Course was such a blessing and really helped me to learn new things about me and remove blockages I didn’t even know I had. This is the perfect course to take if you are ready to dive deeper into your divine feminine along with other inspiring souls. My favorite part might have been the 1 on 1 as Rae takes the time to really focus on empowering you to become the best version of yourself.”

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up for Embodied, but I’m glad I did. The ritual art portion was particularly impactful for me in that it allowed me to process emotions and experiences that I had been resistant to looking at head on. It gave me a framework to approach them in a creative, personal, and meaningful way that I don’t think I could have accessed by simply talking through it. And for that, I’m extremely grateful.”

"Taking the 7-week embodiment course with Rae was a transformative experience. Through theory, practical exercises, and group discussions, Rae created a safe space for sharing. I learned valuable techniques to overcome self-imposed limitations, and the ritual art piece at the end was a powerful way to apply our learning. It revealed areas needing healing, which Rae helped me navigate through one-on-one sessions. This experience fostered my growth into a more embodied self. I left with a strong sense of community and tools to move with greater confidence in both dance and daily life. Rae is an excellent teacher and coach, and I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking a more embodied way of living."